Yankee Hill Lutheran Cemetery

Chillicothe, Ohio

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Yankee Hill Lutheran Cemetery is located on the northwest side of Rozelle Creek Road, about .2 mile northeast of OH-772, outside Chillicothe, Ohio (Huntington Township, Ross County). The coordinates are 39° 14' 44.74" N, 83° 3' 10.17" W.

Yankee Hill Lutheran Cemetery is a small cemetery that sits on the side of a steep hill. There are quite a few broken gravestones, but the cemetery is very well taken care of.

In November 2005 I received an e-mail from Melissa regarding one of my photos from this cemetery:

"I was looking through some of the pictures you have snapped at various cemeteries. Particularly, 'Yankee Hill Lutheran Cemetery' stood out. What I found while looking at the photo titled, 'Leaning Gravestone' was a face as clear as day. Well at least to me that is, lol. The face is smiling and it is located just a little above and to the right of the Leaning Gravestone. I enlarged it on my computer and it is really clear to me. There is alot of detail so, I think it is quite possibly a good Ghost capture! "

Here is the photo...can you see the ghostly face?

ghost photo

A big thank you to Mike Hill for taking me to this cemetery, I really appreciate all the help he has given me with cemetery hunting around Ross County!

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