Wyatt Cemetery

Waldo, Ohio

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Wyatt Cemetery is located back a lane off Brundage Road outside Waldo, Ohio (Waldo Township, Marion County). The coordinates are 40° 26' 38.68" N, 83° 4' 15.35" W.

Wyatt Cemetery is very small, but it is very well maintained by the township. There are many veterans buried there, but the most notable are those of thirteen unknown War of 1812 soldiers. The cemetery is located near the site of Fort Morrow, a fort built under the orders of Captain Taylor during the War of 1812.

Wyatt Cemetery is the oldest in Marion County. In fact, Ruth Wyatt, the first white child born in Marion County, is buried in the cemetery. It is a beautiful, interesting place to visit.

Many also believe Wyatt Cemetery is haunted. I've heard several stories about people seeing wounded soldiers roaming around the back of the cemetery. Strange sounds and mysterious lights have also been reported.

Many thanks to Lynne Ricci for helping me find this cemetery!

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