Tu-Endie-Wei State Park

Point Pleasant, West Virginia

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While we were in Point Pleasant, Mark and I stopped at the Tu-Endie-Wei State Park that has a memorial for Chief Cornstalk. In October of 1774 there was a big battle between the whites and Indians at Point Pleasant. The Native Americans called the battle Tu-Endie-Wei, which means "the point between two waters", since the town is located between the Ohio and Kanawha Rivers. The leader of the Indian tribes was Chief Cornstalk. This battle was one of the bloodiest battles ever fought between the whites and Indians. He survived the Battle of Point Pleasant, and years later when trying to warn the whites that another attack was imminent, he was taken hostage and then later was infamously murdered by these same whites. As he was dying, he supposedly put a curse on the white men in that area. Many of the tragic events that have happened there, like the Silver Bridge falling and the Courthouse explosion, are attributed to his curse. Some even believe that the Mothman and UFO sightings are a result of his curse.

There is an old cabin that serves as a park museum. When we visited, Mark asked the lady working at the museum if she could answer any of our Mothman questions. She told us that she only deals with facts and that she couldn't help us. But she did show us some pictures of the old Silver Bridge both before and after it collapsed.

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