Wright Square

Savannah, Georgia

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Wright Square is located at Bull Street and President Street in Savannah, Georgia.

Wright Square was laid out in 1733, and is home to the William Washington Gordon and Tomo-Chi-Chi monuments. Tomo-Chi-Chi, a Yamacraw Indian Chief, is actually buried there. His body was originally buried under the present day Gordon monument, but when that monument was constructed his body was moved.

Wright Square is supposedly haunted by the ghost of Alice Riley. Alice Riley was an indentured servant who arrived in America in December 1733. She was sent to work for William Wise, along with her husband, Richard White. Mr. Wise was a horrible man to work for, and each day he ordered the two servants to bathe and groom him. In March 1734 Richard and Alice had all they could take. While grooming Mr. Wise that day, they held his head in a bucket of water until he drowned. They fled the house, but were eventually caught while hiding on the Isle of Hope.

Both Alice Riley and Richard White were sentenced to death for Mr. Wise's murder. They hanged Richard White first, but when it came time to hang Alice, they found out she was pregnant with William Wise's baby. They waited eight months before hanging her...until after the baby was born. Alice was hanged on January 19, 1735. Her body was left hanging on the gallows for three days. She maintained her innocence until death. Unfortunately, her baby died only 45 days later.

Today many people, especially pregnant woman and mothers, see her ghost running through the square, screaming and crying. When they approach her spirit, she tells them she is looking for her baby. When they turn around, she is gone. Also, many claim she is the reason no Spanish moss grows around the spot of her death. Legend has it that Spanish moss will not grow where innocent blood has been spilled.

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