Woodlawn Cemetery

Zanesville, Ohio

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Woodlawn Cemetery is located on the west side of US-22 in Zanesville, Ohio (Muskingum County). The coordinates are 39° 55' 25.81" N, 82° 0' 37.67" W.

Woodlawn Cemetery was established in 1853, and it is still active. It was started as a private cemetery by the village of Putnam (which is now part of Zanesville). It is very large, with approximately 55,000 burials and over 100 acres. There are many interesting gravestones and mausoleums, and most are in good condition. However, like any old cemetery, there are some damaged monuments. The cemetery grounds are very well maintained by the City of Zanesville.

Fred B., a long time website visitor, had been encouraging me to visit this cemetery for several years. He had a few paranormal experiences in this cemetery, all in the same section:

One particular day I found this cemetery, and being a history lover, I enjoyed the ancient stone monuments. Anyways, I was actually talking on my cell phone while walking and came across a large stone monument with the name "Searle." It is in section BB. Since I am not a science fiction writer, I will not bore you with the details, but I can say I felt that there was a story behind that family name: Searle. I looked in the city library, but did not find much. If you get a chance someday, take a walk up to that section and just stand there. Perhaps you will get that same feeling that there is a story behind the names: Charles or Alice Searle.

I came back to the same area three times, and it was repeated.

For more information about Woodlawn Cemetery, please visit the cemetery page on the City of Zanesville website.

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