Woodland Cemetery

Dayton, Ohio

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Woodland Cemetery is located on Woodland Avenue in Dayton, Ohio (Montgomery County). The coordinates are 39° 44' 34" N, 84° 10' 24" W.

Woodland Cemetery, also known as Woodland Hills, was established in 1841, and it is still active. It is huge, with 200 acres. The grounds and monuments are very well maintained by the Woodland Cemetery Association.

There are many notable people buried at Woodland Cemetery, including:

  • Orville and Wilbur Wright (invented the airplane)
  • Erma Bombeck (famous humorist and author)
  • Paul Laurence Dunbar (famous African American poet)
  • Charles F. Kettering (helped invent the first electric self-starter and all-electric ignition system)
  • James M. Cox (Ohio governor)
  • Loren M. Berry (invented the Yellow Pages)
  • John H. Balsley (invented the step-ladder)
  • George P. Huffman (founder of the Huffy Bicycle Company)
  • James Ritty (invented the cash register)
There are many other famous people buried at Woodland Cemetery - you can find a list and more information on their website, www.woodlandcemetery.org.

Woodland Cemetery is supposedly haunted. The most famous haunting is that of Johnny Morehouse and his dog. Legend has it that Johnny fell into the Miami & Erie Canal. His faithful dog tried to pull him out, but it was too late - the little boy froze to death. After he was buried, Johnny's dog laid on his grave and wouldn't move. In time, the dog died of starvation and a broken heart. In 1861, a special stone was made with a statue of Johnny and his dog. Today many people believe the pair roam the cemetery at night. Many cemetery visitors claim to see them running and playing, and others hear the dog barking.

Another well-known haunting at the cemetery is that of a blonde girl in jeans and white tennis shoes. People often see her sitting on a gravestone, and she usually speaks as the visitors walk by. Her gravestone supposedly glows with a bright, creepy blue light.

Many thanks to Tammy, Dianna, and Pam for taking me to this cemetery!

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