Woodland Cemetery

Des Moines, Iowa

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Woodland Cemetery is located at the intersection of Woodland Avenue and Martin Luther King Jr Parkway in Des Moines, Iowa (Des Moines Township, Polk County). The coordinates are 41° 35' 20" N, 93° 38' 48" W.

Woodland Cemetery was established in 1848, and it is still active. The cemetery is huge, and it is filled with many old, interesting gravestones. There are several zinc (white bronze) markers, and many of these monuments were made by the local Western White Bronze Company. Most of the gravestones are in excellent shape, and the majority of monuments that have been damaged are now repaired. The cemetery is extremely well maintained. Saint Ambrose Cemetery is adjacent on the north side of Woodland Cemetery. It was difficult for me to determine which cemetery certain stones were in, so there may be some placed on the wrong page!

Many thanks to Josh and Nate for visiting this cemetery with me on my first trip to Des Moines - I'm sure walking through a cemetery with a coworker was one of the last things they planned to do on a work trip! Also, many thanks to my coworker Nicol for taking me back to Woodland in April 2010.

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