Wolfinger Cemetery

Sylvania, Ohio

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Wolfinger Cemetery is located on Wolfinger Road within Secor Park, between US-20 (Central Avenue) and Bancroft Street, outside Sylvania, Ohio (Richfield Township, Lucas County). The coordinates are 41° 40' 0" N, 83° 47' 7" W.

Wolfinger Cemetery was established in 1835, and it is still active. The oldest sections are located towards the back. The majority of the gravestones are in great shape; very few have been damaged. The township does an excellent job of maintaining the grounds.

Wolfinger Cemetery is also supposedly haunted. There is a gravestone towards the back of the cemetery that marks the graves of three children who died within a few weeks of each other (there is some controversy over which graves are the haunted ones though - there is another family that fits the description as well). Today many people claim to see the children wandering around the cemetery, playing amongst the tombstones. Andy and I didn't witness anything unusual when we visited the cemetery in July 2006 though.

Several months ago I received an e-mail from Harold about his interesting experiences with the paranormal at Wolfinger Cemetery:

I was driving through Wolfinger Cemetery, looking for the gravesites of the family that had died within weeks of each other. It didn't take long to find them. They are buried along the fence to the far right side of the Cemetery. I got out of the car to read the names on the tombstones (My wife wouldn't leave the car ). They are the Ford Family. The father's name was Wallace, and the mother's name was Elizabeth. The children's tombstone read Wallace, Eliza, and Infant. They all passed away in the late 1800s. I couldn't read the tombstones because they are weathered fairly bad, but I made out the names. I didn't see anything paranormal, but I felt an energy of some sort while standing over the graves, wondering what the true story of this family might be. I just had this strange feeling that they knew I was there looking for them. I began to have a stronger feeling that they were waiting for me. I said a short prayer for them, and asked if any of them wanted to communicate with me. Well, that's when I really got chills and felt as though Eliza was with me. I tried to communicate with her, but didn't seem to get a visible response. After a few moments I went back to the car where my wife was waiting. She said she didn't like the cemetery and wouldn't want to be buried there herself. She was ready to leave.

While starting the car, and when we began to drive away, I felt as though Eliza didn't want me to leave. I just felt her strong presence even in the car. Well, that's when she made her presence known. My headlights began to turn on and off by themselves. My wife asked me how in the world I was doing that with the lights? I stopped the car and took my hands off the steering wheel as my wife and I watched in amazement as the headlights and dashlights continued to turn on and off more than a dozen times. I then backed the car up to the Ford Family graves and thanked Eliza for the communication and told her that she couldn't attach herself to me and that she had to stay with her family. I also told her I would be back to visit again. My wife and I then drove out of the cemetery, and drove about a mile down the road when all of a sudden the car began its light show again. Headlights and dashlights turning on and off repeatedly. I stopped the car in the middle of the road and we watched again in amazement as the emergency flashers began to blink as well. I told my wife that Eliza must still be with us. My wife then said we had to go back to the cemetery. Funny coming from the same person that couldn't wait to get out of the Cemetery in the first place. I turned the car around, lights going off and on all the way back to the cemetery. I stopped at the family graves again, and then asked Eliza this time to stay with her family. By this time the lights had stopped performing their paranormal light show. I drove away and back home without another single incident with the headlights. It's been several days now and I haven't had an electrical problem at all with the vehicle whatsoever. Although my wife and I never saw Eliza in a human form, if you stop by her gravesite you'll definitely know she's there.

In August 2006 I received an e-mail from Bonnie about her experience at Wolfinger Cemetery:

When I was a little girl in 1973 (yea, I'm old), I belonged to a brownie troop and we went to Secor Park for a field trip. Our leader let us visit the cemetery, and I have to tell you these little girls were the meanest. I was pretty shy, and they thought it was fun to tease me so they told me there was a hand sticking out of a grave. OK, so there wasn't, but they all decided to tip over a stone. To this day I have never gone back.

Many thanks to Andy Greenlese for taking me to this cemetery! I really appreciate all the help he has given me with locating cemeteries in Northwestern Ohio.

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