Wolfe Cemetery

Haydenville, Ohio

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Wolfe Cemetery is located back a lane off Haydenville Road (County Road 25) in Haydenville, Ohio (Starr Township, Hocking County). The coordinates are 39° 28' 16.42" N, 82° 18' 57.28" W.

It is not possible to drive all the way to Wolfe Cemetery without getting permission from the family. The gate across the road is usually locked. I've also been told that this cemetery on private property. If you visit it without getting permission, you're trespassing. If you do visit the cemetery be respectful...vandalizing gravestones in this or any cemetery is definitely NOT cool. Imagine how you'd feel if someone vandalized a gravestone that belongs to someone you care about.

Wolfe Cemetery is beautiful. It is still active, but only members of the family are permitted to be buried here (more on that below). There are many unique gravestones, and most are in excellent condition. There is even one gravemarker made out of clay tile. The cemetery is very well maintained.

Wolfe Cemetery has a very interesting history. The first burial at the cemetery was May 9, 1845 when Christopher Wolfe's wife, Rhoda Dorr, passed away. All of the people buried in the cemetery, except one, were members of the family or had married into the family. The one person buried in the cemetery who wasn't family is Wilson Patrick. Wilson Patrick was a hired hand who worked for Christopher Wolf for over thirty-five years. He even worked for the family during bad economical times when the family was not able to pay him. They did provide him with shelter and food though, so he was almost like a member of the family. Wilson Patrick had no family, so when he died the Wolf family buried him in their cemetery without hesitation since he had been with the family for so long. In fact, he was such a close friend of the family that Christopher Wolf's children even named two of their own children after him...there were two boys, one named Wilson and one named Patrick!

Legend has it that the cemetery is haunted. Supposedly a witch is buried in the grave surrounded by the iron fence. However, that grave marks the resting place of two young children. The witch legend is nothing more than urban legend, and completely false. Since so many people know this story, I thought I'd go ahead and mention it. Just know that if you're looking for a truly haunted place to visit, you'll want to look someplace else.

In September 2005 the site was mentioned unfavorably in Ohio Magazine, in an article written about the cemetery. The article implied that my site is one of the main reasons the cemetery is vandalized. I disagree with that - the legend about the witch's grave was around many years before Grave Addiction existed. It was even being told before the Internet was around! Second, my site is one of many that mentions this legend, but it was the only one mentioned in the article. I don't know how I can make it any more clear than I already have...I do NOT believe the cemetery is really haunted, and I do not encourage or condone vandalizing any cemetery.

Many thanks to members of the Wolfe family for sharing all of the historical information with me. Dennis, Sunny, and Jody were extremely helpful, and I really appreciate their kindness. I'd also like to thank Shannon at Lost Southeast Ohio for giving me directions to the cemetery.

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