Woodlawn Cemetery

Ohio City, Ohio

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Woodlawn Cemetery is located on the east side of Liberty Union Road, north of Township Road 238, in Ohio City, Ohio (Liberty Township, Van Wert County). The coordinates are 40° 46' 29.86" N, 84° 37' 39.88" W.

Woodlawn Cemetery is still active. The oldest gravestones are on the north side, and some of the oldest stones were moved from other smaller cemeteries. The most well known monument at the cemetery is that of the Kuhl family. The Kuhl monument has statues of Jane and Philip. Legend has it that they murdered each other; Philip strangling her with a rope, and Jane stabbing him with scissors or a dagger. Supposedly those murder weapons are found in their hands on the statue. However, the legend is false. First, the dates don't match - they died twelve years apart. Second, the objects in their hands are not rope and scissors. Philip is holding wheat, and Jane is holding sheep shears.

The cemetery is very well maintained.

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