Wesley Chapel Cemetery

Hilliard, Ohio

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Wesley Chapel Cemetery is located on Dublin Road, about one mile south of Fishinger Road, in Hilliard, Ohio (Norwich Township, Franklin County). The coordinates are 40° 0' 59.85" N, 83° 6' 6.15" W.

Wesley Chapel Cemetery was established in 1818, although the first burial did not take place until 1835. It is still an active cemetery. It is located beside the FORMER Wesley Chapel Methodist Church. Please note that this is now a private residence, and no longer a church. The oldest gravestones are located near the former church. It is a beautiful, very well maintained cemetery with several interesting, old gravestones with detailed carvings.

Since I know that I'll get some e-mails asking this...yes, there are "orbs" in some of the photos. But they're not ghosts or dust. What are they? Something worse....MOSQUITOS! I was attacked by them while I was walking through the cemetery on my first visit, and whenever I took a photo I'd see tons of them light up in the flash.

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