Wagnor-Triplett Cemetery

New Albany, Ohio

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Wagnor-Triplett Cemetery is located on the north side of Central College Road, approximately one mile west of US-62, outside New Albany, Ohio (Plain Township, Franklin County). The coordinates are 40° 5' 51.82" N, 82° 48' 9" W.

Wagnor-Triplett Cemetery was established in 1812, and it is no longer active. The township does an excellent job of maintaining the grounds, but the majority of the gravestones have been badly damaged over the years. There is an Ohio Historical Marker at the front of the cemetery that provides a lot of information - I have copied the text below:


In 1820, Mark Evans, John Davis, and Jacob
Waggoner acquired from Daniel Triplett an 18-rod-
square parcel (approximately two acres) at this
location on which to build the first school in Plain
Township. Education was not publicly funded at
the time and the first teacher, Jacob Smith, "kept"
school for $1.50 per scholar. The fact that part
of the school lot became a cemetery suggests that
the log building was also used for church services,
as was a log school a mile and a half east of here
on Central College Road.

The Wagnor Cemetery is in the northeast quarter
of the township. Many people buried here belonged
to families that settled the area soon after 1812,
when the federal government offered the 8,000
acres in the township's northern half to all comers
at $2 an acre. Rebecca Frampton's tombstone
recalls hazards the pioneers faced as they
transformed the wilderness. Her three infant
daughters died on April 30, 1827; 29-year-old
Rebecca died on June 5. Other tombstones recall
past wars. zimri Hills and Christian Horlocker
served in the War of 1812. Alvin Evans and Peter
Bevelhymer were veterans of the Civil War.
Sales in 1860 and 1881 reduced the property to
its present size.

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