Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Washington, DC

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The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is located at Bacon Drive and Constitution Avenue in Washington, DC.

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is dedicated to all veterans who fought in the Vietnam War. There are three main sections to the memorial: The Wall, the Three Servicemen Statue, and the Vietnam Women's Memorial. The Wall was the first part completed, it was dedicated on November 12, 1982. The Three Servicemen Statue was the next section, it was dedicated on November 11, 1984. Last but not least, the Vietnam Women's Memorial was dedicated November 11, 1993.

There are 58,249 inscribed on the wall. The names belong to those who died or were missing in the Vietnam War, and they are listed in the order in which they died or were declared missing. Lots of people visit it every day. Many people leave mementos in memory of their friends and family members whose names are inscribed in The Wall.

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