Vale Cemetery

Schenectady, New York

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Vale Cemetery is located at 907 State Street in Schenectady, New York (Schenectady County). The coordinates are 42° 48' 32" N, 73° 55' 46" W.

Vale Cemetery was established in 1857, and it is still active. It is very large, with more than 33,000 burials. The oldest gravestones were moved to Vale Cemetery in 1879, from the First Reformed Church burial ground. There are slate and sandstone gravestones in this section, and they are in good condition. My favorite section was the Potters Field, where the poor and indigent were buried. However, most would probably prefer the large monuments with beautiful carvings and statues. Although many of the gravestones are in good condition, a large number have been vandalized.

Legend has it that Vale Cemetery is haunted. There are supposedly statues that bleed, and many have reported seeing apparitions and hearing strange sounds. I did not experience anything paranormal when I visited in June 2009. The stories are fun, but please be respectful when visiting this or any cemetery - no vandalizing gravestones!

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