Ursuline Convent

New Orleans, Louisiana

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The Ursuline Convent is located at the corner of Chartres Street and Ursulines Street in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The Ursulines were an order of nuns from France who educated young girls. On the tour my family and I took, our guide told us about some of the more interesting superstitions involving the nuns. When a terrible fire broke out in the French Quarter in 1788, several buildings south of the convent were destroyed. The nuns prayed that there building would be saved, and as the fire was blazing in the building across from the convent, the winds suddenly changed and the convent was safe. Also, it's said that the nuns pray everytime a hurricane is approaching New Orleans. Since the city is so far below sea level, a hurricane would be extremely devastating. New Orleans hasn't been hit by any really hard hurricanes ever since the nuns arrived and began praying, although areas around the city have been hit. Pretty strange!

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