Unitarian Churchyard

Charleston, South Carolina

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The Unitarian Churchyard is located at 8 Archdale Street in Charleston, South Carolina (Charleston County).

The Unitarian Churchyard is located by the Unitarian Universalist Church. It is a very interesting cemetery to visit. At first glance, many think the cemetery is overgrown and neglected. However, the sidewalks are perfectly clear so you can walk through it. The wildflowers and plants are allowed to grow free amongst the gravestones on purpose.

I didn't see any scary spiders like I have at some of the other cemeteries I've visited, but I did see a couple really cute lizards!


The Unitarian Churchyard is supposedly haunted. The most famous ghost is that of Annabel Lee. Many believe she is the subject of Edgar Allen Poe's poem with the same name. Annabel Lee lived in Charleston before the Civil War broke out. One year she met a sailor from Virginia who was stationed at the nearby naval base. The two fell in love, and spent lots of time together. Unfortunately, Annabel's father didn't approve of their relationship, and Annabel was forbidden to see him again. Of course, that didn't stop them. Annabel would sneak out of the house at night to meet her lover at the Unitarian Cemetery. They were able to see each other this way for many months, but soon Annabel's father found out that she was still seeing him. One night he followed her and saw her meeting the sailor. He was furious, and locked his daughter in her room for several months.

While Annabel was locked in her room, the sailor was transferred back to Virginia. They were never able to see each other again. Annabel was heartbroken. A few months after that, Annabel died of Yellow Fever. The sailor heard about her death, and arranged to travel back to Charleston to visit her grave. Annabel's father heard about his plans and vowed to keep the sailor from finding her grave. He had his daughter's grave dug six feet deep, and all the other graves in their family plot dug to three feet. This made all the graves look like they had just been dug. When the sailor made it to the cemetery, he could only sit by the family plot and cry...he never found out which grave belonged to his lover.

Today many people claim to see Annabel's ghost roaming around the cemetery, searching for her lost lover.

Another popular ghost at the cemetery is that of Mary Bloomfield. Mary lived in Charleston over a hundred years ago. She was happily married. However, one night her husband had to travel to Boston on business. She never heard from him again. No one knows what happened, but Mary was heartbroken. She lived the rest of her life waiting for her long lost husband to return home. Today many claim to see her ghost wandering around the cemetery, still searching for her husband.

For more information about the church and the graveyard, please visit their site: Unitarian Church in Charleston.

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