Union Cemetery

Uhrichsville, Ohio

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Union Cemetery is located at the end of West Seventh Street in Uhrichsville, Ohio (Mill Township, Tuscarawas County). The coordinates are 40 23' 43" N, 81 21' 6" W.

Union Cemetery is large and still active. There are many beautiful, unique gravestones here. Many older gravestones are made out of clay tile; the same tile used to make sewer tile. In the early 1900's, Uhrichville was known as the "clay capital of the world." The only remaining clay pipe factory in the nation is still located in the town. That explains why so many of the gravestones are made of this material - there is even one new clay gravestone!

Union Cemetery has two interesting veteran's memorials. The Civil War memorial is located towards the back, it's surrounded by an iron fence. The other memorial is located towards the front of the cemetery. It's the most interesting memorial I've seen so far, there is a stone for each veteran buried at the cemetery, with one soldier's name carved on each one. The stones sit in front of a beautiful angel carving.

A huge "thank you" to Greg Wells for visiting this cemetery with me, and for providing me with so much information about it.

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