Tyn Rhos Cemetery

Thurman, Ohio

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Tyn Rhos cemetery is located on the east side of Tyn Rhos Road outside Thurman, Ohio (Township, Gallia County). The coordinates are 38° 51' 14.45" N, 82° 24' 44.18" W.

Tyn Rhos Cemetery is large, and it is still active. It is located across the road from the old Tyn Rhos Church, one of the oldest Welsh churches in Ohio. There are many old gravestones, and most are in good condition. The cemetery grounds are very well maintained.

My friend Mark told me about this cemetery, and we visited in April 2003. There are many stories about this cemetery being haunted. Locals have seen strange lights in the cemetery at night, and many have experienced unexplainable car problems. There aren't many houses near the cemetery, and the road to it is lined with old trees. I'm sure it would be a spooky place to visit at night!

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