Tontogany Cemetery

Tontogany, Ohio

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Tontogany Cemetery is located at the southeast corner of Tontogany Creek Road and Opperman Road in Tontogany, Ohio (Washington Township, Wood County). The coordinates are 41° 25' 46.3" N, 83° 44' 33.24" W.

Tontogany Cemetery is rather large and it is still active. It was established in 1834, the oldest section is on the south side. It is extremely well taken care of, there are only a handful of broken gravestones and the grounds are very well maintained.

I didn't think Tontogany Cemetery looked very creepy, but I've read several reports of it being haunted. People have claimed to see strange blinking lights and floating orbs, as well as a mysterious blue light in the cemetery's storage shed. The storage shed door also opens and closes on it's own with no logical explanation. Some have even claimed to see shadowy figures near a few of the graves.

In April 2006 I received an e-mail from Bonnie with more information about the hauntings at this cemetery:

"Tontogany Cemetery is supposedly haunted by a crying baby. I don't have anymore info, other than when I was in high school [1982] that was the place to go. As you walk in, the stones were reported to have names of people that you know. A classmate's name did show up on one of the stones, and the crying baby sound is present at night. I went to a funeral there in 1988 and I felt uncomfortable. There is supposed to be a haunted barn in that area used for devil worship...but again, high school stories."

A very big "thank you" to Mike McMaster for taking me to this cemetery!!

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