Toledo State Hospital Cemetery

Toledo, Ohio

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The Toledo State Hospital Cemetery is located on the north side of Arlington Avenue, west of Detroit Avenue (US-25), in Toledo, Ohio (Lucas County). The coordinates are 41° 37' 26.06" N, 83° 35' 7.45" W.

The Toledo State Hospital Cemetery is the final resting place for many patients who passed away at the Toledo State Hospital. This cemetery is the oldest of two used by the hospital; there are 1,994 patients buried in the two cemeteries. You can see photos from the other cemetery by clicking here. Most of the graves are marked with small concrete blocks that only contain a number. There are a few gravestones with names that families put up for their relatives.

The Toledo State Hospital cemeteries were forgotten and neglected for years. However, in 2005, a wonderful group of people formed the Toledo State Hospital Cemetery Reclamation Committee (TSHCRC). They have been working along with the University of Toledo, who owns both properties, to restore the cemeteries. For more information, please visit the The Toledo State Hospital Cemetery Reclamation Project website.

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