McClintic Wildlife Management Area
(TNT Area)

Second Trip - April 12, 2003

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On April 12, 2003 Mark and I met our friend John W. in Gallipolis and began our journey to Point Pleasant's mysterious TNT Area.

We didn't run into the Mothman on this trip. We did have three close encounters with snakes though! I was the only person who saw the first snake, we were all walking down a narrow path single file, and I was last. I happened to look down at John's feet, and I noticed a small garter snake. It slithered away before he saw it though. The next snake we saw was a copperhead. They're poisonous so we all had a right to be afraid of it. It was over sunning itself in the weeds, and we had plenty of room to walk by it. I walked around it, but Mark and John were too scared of it to move. They wouldn't walk around it, and they wouldn't let me throw anything at it to get it to move since they were afraid that would cause it to attack them! Finally the snake got bored and slithered away. About 15-20 minutes passed. We were just walking along, talking about normal things...when all of a sudden Mark screamed (in a very high pitched girly voice I might add!) "Whoa"!!!!! He jumped back and he swung his arms around like crazy! Mark's reaction was enough to scare John. After almost being hit in the face by Mark's arms, I glanced down and saw a small garter snake slither into the weeds along the path. It was about as big around as one of those fat pencils kindergarten kids use, and it was between 1-2 feet long. So we're not talking about a gigantic snake or anything! I laughed so hard that I couldn't even walk!! And to hear the two "men" talk, you'd think that snake was 10 feet long, 3 inches thick, and that it had gigantic fangs :) John kept comparing it to an anaconda! Which was pretty amusing since the movie Anaconda was on the TV when we got to Mark's friends' (Brian and Brenda's) house!! But I won't make fun of them too Mark keeps saying, if it had been a spider I would have been the one screaming. Well, not really...I would be too scared to scream or move, I'd just be petrified!

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