Tecumseh Theater

Shawnee, Ohio

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The Tecumseh Theater, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is located at 114 Main Street in Shawnee, Ohio (Perry County). It is the tallest building in the county, with four floors.

The Tecumseh Theater is no longer operating, but a group is working to renovate it. It was opened as the Indian Theater in 1907 by the Improved Order of Red Men, a fraternal organization. There were 225 seats, and in addition to showing films/shows, it was also used for dances, basketball games, boxing matches, and in the 1950's it was also used as a roller skating rink. It's name was later changed to the New Linda Theater, and it was called that until it closed in the 1950's. When it was purchased in the late 1970's, the name was changed to the Tecumseh Theater.

Many believe the Tecumseh Theater is haunted. People have reported seeing apparitions on the stage, and throughout the rest of the building. Unexplainable footsteps are also heard.

The Tecumseh Theater is closed to the public, but once renovations are complete it will be reopened. Many thanks to Brenda Masterson for arranging this tour for me!

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