Sunset Acre

Bowling Green, Ohio

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Sunset Acre is located on the east side of County Home Road outside Bowling Green, Ohio (Center Township, Wood County). It is also known as Potter's Field or the Wood County Home Cemetery.

Sunset Acre was the final resting place for the majority of people who lived in the Wood County Home. All of the indigent patients buried here were given a simple marble gravestone with only an ID number carved on it. Unfortunately, there is not a main list of the names associated with the ID numbers, so some of the people's names have been lost.

In the 1950's all of the gravestones in the cemetery were removed to make it easier to mow/maintain the grounds. Some of the gravestones were stored nearby, but others were lost. In 1992, a group of community members began a major restoration effort, and they tracked down the majority of the missing gravestones. In April 1998 the gravestones were reset, but no necessarily matched up to the bodies. The new, restored cemetery was dedicated on May 24, 1998. They did a terrific job!

I have heard stories about this cemetery being haunted. It makes sense that it would be, these people pretty much died all alone with no friends or family by their sides. I have received some e-mails from people who claim to see strange lights around the cemetery, and some have even claimed to see apparitions. I had a couple strange things show up in my photos, you can see them in the list above.

In January 2005 I received an e-mail from Jennifer G. with some interesting information about this cemetery:

The paved road that runs past the cemetery actually runs over grave. When the caretakers got tired of mowing, they gave away the stones. The gravestones there now are in scattered order because the graveyard listings were destroyed in a fire. When the place became a historical site, the call went out for the gravestones to be returned. Some were, others are still around town in peoples sidewalks, etc. and weren't returned. Anyway, they took out cadaver sniffing dogs and long poles to locate bodies...some are covered by the road.

A big thanks to Jennifer for sharing this information with me, it's very interesting!

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