Saint Thomas Cemetery (Old)

Lancaster, Ohio

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Saint Thomas Cemetery (Old) is located on the south side of Eaton Hollow Road outside Lancaster, Ohio (Madison Township, Fairfield County).

There are two Saint Thomas cemeteries on Eaton Hollow Road. The one closest to Revenge Road is the new cemetery, and the one closest to Crooks Road is the old cemetery. I visited the Old Saint Thomas Cemetery in April of 2003 and plan to visit the newer one soon.

The Saint Thomas Evangelical Lutheran church stood beside Old Saint Thomas Cemetery from 1843-1942. There is a stone at the cemetery to mark where the church once stood. This cemetery was really fun to explore since it's really out in the middle of nowhere. Eaton Hollow Road is a scary road to drive on...coming from Revenge Road, it's mostly downhill. I guess it was paved at one time, but now it's more like a dirt road with a few big chunks of gravel! My coworker Kathy, who told me about this cemetery, didn't warn me about the road's condition so I was shocked when I saw it! I have to admit it was fun to drive on though when my brakes weren't locking up :)

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