Saint Sava Serbian Orthodox Cemetery and Monastery

Libertyville, Illinois

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Saint Sava Serbian Orthodox Cemetery and Monastery is located at 32377 N. Milwaukee Avenue in Libertyville, Illinois (Lake County). The coordinates are 42° 19' 56" N, 87° 57' 5" W.

Saint Sava Serbian Orthodox Cemetery and Monastery is still active. There are many interesting gravestones, and almost all are in excellent condition. The cemetery grounds are very well maintained.

One of the most interesting gravestones at this cemetery is found inside the monastery. Serbian King Peter II is the only European Monarch to be buried on U.S. soil. He was forced to leave his own country, and he moved to the United States after World War II. He died in Denver, Colorado on November 3, 1970 after a failed liver transplant. His son, Crown Prince Alexander, is heir to the Yugoslavian throne. In March 2007 Crown Prince Alexander announced plans to return his father's body to Serbia. This has yet to happen. Many believe his grave should remain here because Peter II personally chose St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Monastery as his final resting place due to the thousands of Serbians living in the Chicago area.

UPDATE! In January 2013 the remains of King Peter II were moved back to Europe. Allan R., a website visitor, sent me the following links:

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