Saint Philip's Churchyard

Charleston, South Carolina

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Saint Philip's Churchyard is located at 154 Church Street in Charleston, South Carolina (Charleston County).

Saint Philip's Churchyard is located on three sides of the church. Saint Philip's West Cemetery is located across the street. Most of the gravestones are in fantastic condition; very few have been damaged. The church does an excellent job of maintaining it.

Saint Philip's Churchyard is supposedly haunted. Many claim the ghost of Sue Howard Hardy roams the cemetery. She died six days after she gave birth to a stillborn baby. People often see her spirit walking through the cemetery, crying at her child's grave. Women who are pregnant, or those who have had miscarriages, often feel sick while visiting the cemetery - many people blame this on Sue's ghost. In 1987 a photographer visited the cemetery while writing an article about Charleston's graveyards. In one of his photos, there is a woman mourning the death of her child at a grave...he didn't see the woman while he was at the cemetery, she just showed up on the photo!

For more information about the church and the graveyard, please visit their site: Saint Philip's Church.

Many thanks to Tracey Gorsuch for telling me about the haunting at this cemetery!

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