Stockum Cemetery

Coshocton, Ohio

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Stockum Cemetery is located on a haul road, south of OH-541, outside Coshocton, Ohio (Linton Township, Coshocton County). I do not have the coordinates for the cemetery.

Finding Stockum Cemetery is a little challenging. To get to it, you'll want to take OH-541 east out of Coshocton. Once you pass TR-123 on the right, look for the "Caution - Haul Road" sign on the should be the next road. Turn onto the gravel haul road. You'll eventually come to an intersection. Turn left. After turning left, the road will soon come to a fork. Veer to the left, it's the scary dirt road with deep grooves. This is the road the cemetery is located on. It looks like it washes out/floods, so use caution. Greg and I ended up parking and hiking back to the cemetery rather than risk getting stuck in the mud.

Stockum Cemetery is a small family cemetery that is no longer active. Not only is it no longer used for burials, but it's not even maintained. The grass was extremely high when we visited, and there was trash EVERYWHERE! It appears to be a popular place for kids to hang out. Unfortunately, just about all of the gravestones have been broken and vandalized. Many gravestone pieces have been moved into the woods surrounding the cemetery. It's so sad to see it in such horrible condition.

So why would the cemetery be such a popular place for kids to hang out? Well first of all, it's in a very desolate location. And there's also the ghost stories. Legend has it that a woman named Mary Stockum haunts the cemetery and woods around it. Supposedly her second husband killed her mentally challenged daughter. But that didn't make her angry. What did make her angry was the town hanging her husband for the crime. She was so upset that she started to poison her remaining children, one by one. After the fifth child died, the town fathers charged her with murder and had her burned as a witch. They buried her in the cemetery with the rest of her family. However, shortly after she was burned at the stake, a sixth child died. They dug up Mary's body and cut off her head, and they buried it at an unknown location outside of the cemetery. No more of her children died after that.

Today Mary Stockum's ghost is sometimes seen wandering around the cemetery, searching for her head and her remaining children. There have been numerous reports of her asking people to follow her into the woods. Many people have also experienced strange car problems there.

On November 17, 2004 I received the following e-mail from William about his terrifying experience at the cemetery:

I have not been to Mary Stockum's cemetery in such a long time, but recently I was thinking about what happened to me there. You know, I can found nothing on the internet about her family issues in Coshocton County Records??? Can you help set the record straight so people know? I think I see her in dreams.

I have never told anyone about this for fear of being laughed at.

Now that I am older, I am disappointed in myself for the reasons I went there. In a strange way I am glad Mary did what she did.

It was nighttime, probably about 2:00 AM. I remember walking and walking around looking for her grave, just for the simple reason to say I was there before (for some reason it is a big thing in the area I grew up in).

I would say 20 or 30 minutes passed, and I remember saying in my mind stuff like "Where is this fucking grave!" I was down over a knoll and in a thicket searching around for her grave. I was saying other bad things in my mind about not actually finding her tombstone, when suddenly I heard a loud banging or thuds. I stopped moving in the thicket and just listened because it scared me. The noise just keep going and going. I realized the noise was coming from where I parked my car. So my next thought was someone is messing with my car. I never thought at all it could be anything else. I wanted to get a closer look but I am not an idiot (getting beat up or robbed by drug dealers, etc). So I moved slowly staying in the tree line back over the knoll. While I am moving, the banging stayed constant. I swear every second: bang, bang, bang. As this sinks in my mind moving up the knoll, it also sinks in that this cannot be drug dealers, or a gang. It just can't be. If you heard the sound you would understand.

As I come creeping over the knoll in the tree line my heart jumped through my chest, and I remember feeling weak. What was happening was unbelievable. My car hood was opening all the way up and closing fast - over and over and over. I actually stood up and could only watch in horror. It just kept going. I called out to Mary quietly and gradually yelled her name. I asked her to please stop. My hood just kept opening and closing. Then thought I should be tough, so I started walking toward the car and yelled to her to "stop fucking around!" My hood just kept going and going. I got about 10 to 15 feet from my car, and a hole or the ground moved down from about my car doors to about 3 feet in front of my car, 3 feet or so wider than my car and about 6 inches deep. This took just seconds and my hood was still going up and down faster and faster. I took off fast! I ran as far as I could, and as fast as I could down the lane to get out of there. I ran until I slowed to a jog, and then jogged to the haul road. I WALKED 9 miles back to the house I rented.

The next day my friend Garry and I went out there. I just told him I got stuck in a little hole. He could not believe I went out there by myself. As we got closer to where I saw my car it was clearly in almost a perfect circle. The back tires were not in. Just from about the rear of my car doors to 2 feet in front of the bumper. I was scared to get in the car but I did not want Garry to know what actually happened (small town, people talk and then you become a wuss or a wimp). He put chains on and pulled me out easily. My car ran fine. I left there and have never returned.


Lastly please tell Mary I am sorry.

In December 2007 I received the following e-mail from Nora Jeanne about her trip to Stockum Cemetery:

I saw your site about Mary Stockum's grave. I went there when I was around 15 (I am 36 now) with three other people in a car at like 1:00 AM. We just walked around, but then we heard weird a clanking sound. We ran to the car, and as we were driving down the road out of there we saw light orbs behind the car off to the side. It looked like they were following the car. Did I mention the car would not start, and that me and the other girl started crying? I viewed some of your photos I thought I saw light orbs.

In January 2008 I received the following e-mail from Joe L. about Stockum Cemetery:

I believe that I am a direct descendant of Mary Stockum. I have visited Mary Stockum's grave several times, years ago. I was disappointed when I saw the disrespect the young children had for the grave site. When I was an adolescent, I frequently visited the grave site and tried my best to help clean up. I also explored the woods surrounding the area where she is believed to be burried. Eventually I forgot about the phenomenon surrounding Mary Stockum's grave and part of my family heritage.

In February 2011 I received the following e-mail from Merry about Stockum Cemetery:

I'm sending you the truth about Mary Stockum. I was raised in Coshocton County and yes, I heard all the stories about Mary and have visited the cemetery many times. I acually lived about 15 miles from the cemetery. While growing up here I have spoken to relatives of Mary and heard the truth about this poor lady. She did live here and is buried in the cemetery. Her head is still with her body. She was never married twice, just once, and she did have many children. The truth is her husband and children became ill with a fever, what it was I don't recall, but in the "old days" if you got sick with an illness and it was serious you more than likely died of it. You have to remember, doctors didn't have all the vaccines they have today nor the antibiotics. Her husband passed away as well as some of her children. She never practiced witchcraft, her husband never killed her "mentally retarded" child, and the townspeople did not hang her husband. She was just an ordinary lady that lived in the 1800's and had her family taken from her from illness, like most folks just barely made it with what she had available. She lived to see old age.

Now with that in mind, as I stated before, I have been to the cemetery. Stange things do happen out there but it isn't Mary Stuckum doing any of it. That property is an old strip mine, and there are other "interesting" areas out there. There is a lake off to the left as you are going back to the cemetery. Many cars lie at the bottom of the lake. People used to drive their cars off the cliff into the lake and would report them as stolen. The lake fills up with rain and also gets pretty low when there is a dry spell. I've seen the car tops when the lake was low. But getting back to the strange happenings out there, it does seem to have some kind of activity. Is it from the lake? I don't know, but the area where you have to park your vehicle to walk back to the cemetery is very close to that lake. I've never heard of any other tales associated with that road. I know a lot of people have their own stories about going out there, but if you read them the happenings are at the area of the lake. It's probably been 30 years since I've visited the cemetery and have heard someone wants to build a B&B out that way to make money off the Stockum Legend. Thought you would like this info and perhaps there is something with the lake. It is very creepy out there even in the daylight.

In July 2011 I received the following e-mail from Ammie L. about Stockum Cemetery:

Mary was an "ole maid," she wasn't ever married and she had no children. She lived with her parents. She came from a rather large family, and she was the one her family chose to take care of their parents. A milkman was the one who found her body - she was beheaded during a robbery at her home. Her body was placed in one grave as her head wasn't found until thirty days after the body was found. It was found in the water well. At that time she was called a witch (after all, she wasn't married and in the Victorian days 'ole maid' was the term), so her head was placed on the other side of the graveyard. Years ago I met a man whose great great grandfather worked the case, and he allowed me to read the notes of the case to find out what was fact and what was fiction. My friend has passed away, and I have no idea where or who has the paperwork now.

In August 2011 I received the following e-mail from Stewart about Stockum Cemetery:

I found your website and wanted to tell you a story about the Mary Stockum graveyard in Coshocton Ohio.

I can't recall what year, probably 2006. I've been to the cemetery several times. First time was during daylight so I could find it easier and get a better idea of the surroundings. This place is scary, ghost wise, and for the fact that even though this place is buried in the woods, a car can come up anytime. A couple times one did, but they turned around and left because they saw my car. I say this is scary because it's the middle of the night, the road leading to the cemetery is only big enough for one car, and the road is a dead end. Looking down the road from the cemetery, it's pitch black. I noticed when a car was coming, I couldn't hear it, and the first sign was a glow from the headlights, which caused my heart to sink thinking a glowing ghost was coming around the bend in the road. And if it had happened to be a ghost, it would've been blocking the exit. It's a terrifying place especially with an overactive imagination.

Around 1:00-3:00 AM a friend and I arrived at the cemetery. The dirt road's ruts got to deep for the car so we had to stop maybe 300 feet before the cemetery. We planned on walking the rest of the way. It was a moonless night. We sat in the car, turned the motor off, and the lights. I lit a cigarette, while my friend snacked on some chips. After I was done smoking we were going to get out and start walking. We were both quiet, and were looking out the front window when some kind of orb lit up about 5 feet out in front of the car, and 8 feet high. It was greenish/yellow. As it started it was dim, and as it moved got brighter, probably reaching 100 watts worth of light before getting dimmer and going out. Afterwards, I looked at my friend and said, "did you see that?" He said, "Yes, lets get the hell out of here."

We drove 50 miles to get to the cemetery and didn't even get out of the car before something happened. It was just too scary to walk 300 feet in pitch black after seeing that orb. It seemed like it may have been a warning to scare us out that night, and it worked.

The whole area is scary. A tombstone was marked in red spray paint with the word "slut." Tombstones are tossed about, some down the side of the hill. Broken glass from beer bottles litter the area. I even found shell casings from a .45 cal all over the place. Besides ghosts, this place is scary because of the type of people who may visit you in the middle of the night. And being at the end of a dead end, you'd have to deal with whoever shows up. This place is just not worth visiting. Although I heard of no one getting killed or robbed here, it's always in the back of your mind.

I received the following e-mail from Krystal in June 2012 regarding Stockum Cemetery:

Yesterday three of my friends and I went down there. One of my friends is very distantly related to Mary Stockum, and we wanted to go and pay our respects, and to see if anything weird would happen. Unfortunately we couldn't make it back there on the Haul Road, so we took a back way. Before we got there, two of my friends weren't acting like themselves. The person who was driving was really pissed, and upon turning onto the road she was all relaxed. Her eyes were two different colors, and my friend who was in the back with me was getting sharp leg pains and was seeing things. She went into a laughing fit, then she gave us dirty looks while normally she is kind and not a mean bone in her body. I'm not sure if they're going back out there, but I have to. Something tells me something's out there that isn't bad.

If you have a story about Stockum Cemetery, feel free to e-mail me and I'll include it on the site!

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