Saint Matthew Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery

Sugar Grove, Ohio

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Saint Matthew Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery is located on the east side of Buckeye Road Road outside Sugar Grove, Ohio in Berne Township (Fairfield County). It is located diagonal from Sugar Grove Cemetery.

I'm not sure if this cemetery is still in use, but there are some fairly new graves. It is in fantastic shape with very few broken gravestones. I guess the cemetery hasn't always been in such good shape though...check out the e-mail I received from Chet Miller, a site visitor:

"When I visited your sight on St. Matthew Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery outside of Sugar Grove, you said that the cemetery was in fantastic shape. I have a story to tell you on that. Last year the people in charge of the cemetery wanted to know what I would charge to fix the stones in the cemetery that the cows from the field next to the cemetery had knocked over. I guess the cows went "cow tipping", but not like we talk about! They had knocked over or moved 16 stones."

I thought his comment about cow tipping was too funny! It's great that there are people like Chet who help fix up older cemeteries like this one!

A big thank to Chet for sharing his story with me!!

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