Saint Matthew Episcopal Cemetery
(Old Stone Church Cemetery)

Dresden, Ohio

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Saint Matthew Episcopal Cemetery, also known as Old Stone Church Cemetery, is located on Stone Church Road outside Dresden, Ohio (Madison Township, Muskingum County). The coordinates are 40° 7' 40" N, 81° 54' 56" W.

Saint Matthew Episcopal Church used to stand between the two sections of this cemetery. The church was made of stone, which is why it was called the Old Stone Church. The church was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1983, but unfortunately it burned down a few years ago.

Saint Matthew Episcopal Cemetery is very well taken care of, however there are several broken and vandalized gravestones. Many have been repaired, but there are still a few stacks of broken gravestones scattered throughout the cemetery.

This cemetery is supposedly haunted by a man wearing coveralls, a winter hat, and work boots. People claim that they have seen this apparition approach their cars, only to disappear before reaching the vehicles. I have also heard that if you shine a flashlight at him the light will shine right through him.

A BIG thanks to Randy for being my "tour guide" and visiting this cemetery with me! I would have never found it without his help! Also, many thanks to Marilyn B., Jamie B., Cassie M., Derek D., Cassie P., and Carrie A. for visiting this cemetery with me at night!

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