Saint Jacobs Lutheran Cemetery

Anna, Ohio

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Saint Jacobs Lutheran Cemetery is located on the west side of County Road 25-A outside Anna, Ohio (Franklin Township, Shelby County). The coordinates are 40° 22' 19.04" N, 84° 10' 16.62" W.

Saint Jacobs Lutheran Cemetery was established in 1832, and was used through 1900. There is a marker at the front that states it is the location of the old church and cemetery. While there are many old gravestones, none are in their original location; they have all been moved into two rows on a concrete slab. I didn't know why...until I received this e-mail from Jenny H.:

I wanted to let you know that, according to my dad, the St. Jacobs Lutheran Cemetery near Anna, OH was hit by an F4 tornado in the Palm Sunday outbreak of 1965 that hit Anna, Swanders, and Maplewood. My dad (elementary age at the time) lived in Swanders when the tornado went through. He said the cemetery was hit and the gravestones were scattered everywhere. The gravestones were lined up because no one knew where each stone went.

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