State Street Cemetery

Athens, Ohio

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State Street Cemetery (sometimes referred to as the West State Street Cemetery) is located at the intersection of West State Street and Cemetery Street in Athens, Ohio (Athens Township, Athens County).

The State Street Cemetery is no longer used for burials. There are a lot of old, interesting gravestones, many with informative epitaphs. It appears that this cemetery has been very badly vandalized, over half the gravestones are broken. There were also many broken beer bottles littering the cemetery when I visited in July 2004. However, the cemetery is very well taken care of. One group even purchased small tiles to replace some of the broken gravestones.

State Street Cemetery is supposedly haunted. People claim to see strange lights, orbs, and mist while visiting this cemetery at night. But the most well-known haunting at this cemetery is the weeping angel statue. This statue stands towards the front of the cemetery, really close to the gate. The statue was dedicated by Athens High School in 1924 to the memory of all of the unknown dead buried in the cemetery from 1806-1924. Supposedly this statue sheds real tears, and some have even claimed to see the statue move or flap it's wings.

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