Somerville Cemetery

Somerville, Ohio

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Somerville Cemetery is located at the southeast corner of Church Street and Walnut Street in Somerville, Ohio (Milford Township, Butler County). The coordinates are 39° 33' 35.13" N, 84° 38' 29.55" W.

Somerville Cemetery was established in 1832, and it's still active. The oldest gravestones are located next to the nearby Presbyterian church. The cemetery is very well taken care of!

Somerville Cemetery is supposedly haunted. No real stories of people seeing ghosts, but there have been reports of the handle on the red water pump mysteriously moving up and down on its own. Matt Roberts, from TM Ghost Hunters, has a great page about the cemetery on his can see it by clicking here.

And speaking of Matt, I owe him a big "thank you" for taking me to the cemetery!

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