Saint Mary Catholic Cemetery

Lancaster, Ohio

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Saint Mary Catholic Cemetery is located on the east side of OH-793 (South Broad Street) in Lancaster, Ohio (Hocking Township, Fairfield County). The coordinates are 39° 41' 24.7" N, 82° 36' 11.55" W.

Saint Mary Catholic Cemetery is large, and it is still active. The oldest gravestones are located on the northeast side, and almost all of them are in great condition. There are very few broken/damaged gravestones. The church does an excellent job of maintaining the cemetery.

In March 2006, I received an e-mail from Nysa about a possible haunting at this cemetery:

I was surprised to see that you don't have Saint Mary Cemetery in Lancaster listed as a haunted cemetery. I drive past this cemetery on my way to and from my aunt's house two or three times a month. On two occasions (both at night while driving past) I have seen a figure in a white hooded robe with the hood pulled around the face. The first time I saw it I thought it might be someone doing something they shouldn't have been doing, so I had my husband pull over but the figure disappeared. There was no place at that particular spot for someone to hide, and besides I was watching them as we were pulling over, so we realized that it was not someone of this world. I assumed that if I had seen this figure twice without even trying then ghost hunters had probably witnessed it before too. Though I grew up around Lancaster I never heard of that cemetery being haunted.

Do you have a ghost story about Saint Mary Catholic Cemetery? If so, please send me an e-mail and I'll post your story here!

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