Saint Louis Cathedral

New Orleans, Louisiana

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Saint Louis Cathedral is located on Chartres Street within the French Quarter in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The Saint Louis Cathedral is supposedly haunted by a priest named Pere Dagobert. On October 24, 1769 five French rebel leaders (who were also members of Saint Louis parish) were shot by a Spanish firing squad. A sixth Franch man was also killed on this day during a fight with the Spanish. The Spanish leaders would not allow these six men to be buried. Instead the bodies were left outside in the heat and rain. This was terrible, because the French believed these men should have a proper Catholic burial. However, no one wanted to challenge the Spanish leaders. No one except Pere Dagobert. Late one night Pere Dagobert called the families of the six dead men to Saint Louis Cathedral, where he had the bodies laid out. He performed a funeral mass and then carried the bodies in a terrible rain storm to Saint Louis Cemetery No. 1 to be buried.

Today on people claim to hear the beautiful tenor voice of Pere Dagobert singing the Kyrie on rainy mornings before the sun comes up.

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