Thompson Farm Cemetery

Uniontown, Pennsylvania

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Thompson Farm Cemetery is located in a woods within the Springdale Golf Course off PA-21 in Uniontown, Pennsylvania (Menallen Township, Fayette County). It is approximately 100 feet from the flag on the 15th hole.

The Thompson Farm Cemetery is a very old family plot, with two people who died in the late 1700's. There are only a few gravestones left, I have no idea how many there used to be. My dad discovered this cemetery over 30 years ago while golfing at the Springdale Golf Course. Instead of walking around the woods to the next hole, he and his friends decided to take a shortcut through the woods...and that's how he found the cemetery!

A HUGE thank you to Ken O'Neal for helping me find the correct name for this cemetery! Ken has done a lot of research on the cemetery, he has it posted on the Fayette County GenWeb can click here to read it.

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