Scioto-Strader Cemetery

Grove City, Ohio

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Scioto-Strader Cemetery is located down a long lane off Hiner Road, about 0.2 mile west of OH-104, outside Grove City, Ohio (Jackson Township, Franklin County). The coordinates are 39° 48' 34.92" N, 83° 2' 7.9" W.

Scioto-Strader Cemetery is a very peaceful cemetery since it sits so far from the road. Unfortunately, it's almost hidden location has caused it to be subject to a lot of vandalism. There are many broken gravestones, and there were quite a few broken beer bottles littering the ground. It always makes me sad to see a cemetery trashed like this one.

One of the most interesting things about Scioto-Strader Cemetery is the storage shed located towards the front. This storage building was used to store bodies (in coffins of course!) during the winter months when the ground was too frozen and hard to dig. Today the building sits empty.

Although the cemetery has been vandalized, it's still very well taken care of by the Jackson Township trustees.


In March 2006 one of the message board members informed me of some very sad news...Scioto-Strader Cemetery was horribly damaged by vandals. Most of the gravestones (even the large ones) have been badly damaged. It makes me sick to see any burial ground desecrated like this. I'll never be able to understand how/why someone could be so disrespectful.

I received an e-mail from Phil S. in August 2009, with an update about Scioto-Strader Cemetery:

Here is some updated information on the Scioto-Strader Cemetery. Although it was vandalized awhile back, Jackson Township has worked with Modlich Memorial (maybe mispelled) in restoring the stones that were damaged. It is now in pretty good shape. The cemetery has mostly the Strader family and the Borror family buried there. As a 7th generation of the Borror family here in the Grove City area, I visit the cemetery often. My 4th Great Gramdmother, Magnalena (Strader) Borror, 3rd Great Grandfather Jacob Borror, GGreat Grandfather Silas Borror, are all buried there. In June of 2011 there will be a Borror family reunion held in this area. I have a lot of information on the Borror family if you are interested.

If you are interested in more information about the Borror family, please send me an e-mail and I will put you in touch with Phil.

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