Sabina Cemetery

Sabina, Ohio

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Sabina Cemetery is located at the end of North College Street in Sabina, Ohio (Richland Township, Clinton County). The coordinates are 39° 29' 35.88" N, 83° 38' 33.44" W.

Sabina Cemetery is still active, but since it was established in 1872 there are plenty of old gravestones to look at. Also, Old Sabina Cemetery and Spurgeon Cemetery were moved there many years ago. The cemetery is extremely well taken care of. There's even a section for pets!

The most well known gravestone at the Sabina Cemetery is that of "Eugene the Mummy." Who is Eugene? I first found out about him from reading Ohio Oddities by Neil Zurcher. On June 6, 1929 the body of a 50-60 year old African-American man was found outside the town of Sabina. The man had no identification on him, just a piece of paper with an address in Cincinnati. Law officiers visited the address, but all they found was a vacant lot. No one they talked to recognized the man. They decided to call the unidentified man Eugene, named after the person they questioned who lived closest to the vacant lot.

That left the town with an unidentified dead body. Not knowing what else to do, the police contacted the Littleton Funeral home to have the body embalmed. Months went by, and there were still no leads on the case. The Sabina police decided to place the body on display in a small building near the funeral home. They were hoping that someone would pass through the town and recognize the body. Sounds a little creepy, doesn't it?!

Eugene was left in the little brick building for THIRTY-FIVE years! He became quite a celebrity - it is estimated that 1.3 million visitors came to see him!! Eugene also did some traveling - high school and college kids would sometimes take him to other towns and put him on park benches. One time a fraternity at The Ohio State University "kidnapped" him and took him back to Columbus! The funeral home would always get a call from the police to come and pick him up.

Due to all of the pranks, and the fact that no one recognized him in thirty-five years, the funeral home decided it was time to lay Eugene to rest. He was buried at the Sabina Cemetery in 1964.

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