Royer's Chapel Cemetery

Coshocton, Ohio

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Royer's Chapel Cemetery is located near the intersection of TR-276 and TR-466 outside Coshocton, Ohio (Franklin Township, Coshocton County). The coordinates are 40° 11' 3.73" N, 81° 49' 55.19" W.

Royer's Chapel Cemetery is a very small family cemetery that is located in a strip mined area. It is extremely well taken care of, and there are very few broken gravestones. The country's smallest chapel used to sit next to the cemetery, but it was burned down by arsonists on December 9, 2002. The burnt remains of the chapel are still there, it's so sad that someone destroyed this historical structure. The good news is that it appears someone is rebuilding the chapel. When Greg and I visited on August 20, 2005 there was a new foundation being built. I'll have to make a return trip to keep an eye on the progress.


In March 2006 I received an e-mail from Marlene E. regarding the chapel:

"I didn't know that Royer Chapel was being rebuilt. I read your article, and my friend said they were almost done. So I went and took a friend was correct, they are almost done! Whoever is building it is doing a good job. There is foundation work to finish, and inside work to be done. It appears they are going to put up a sign, which I understand they never had before."

Here is the photo Marlene sent me:

new chapel

Many thanks to Greg Wells for visiting this cemetery with me, and for helping me find it. Also, a big thank you to Marlene for the update regarding the chapel.

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