Roscoe Village

Coshocton, Ohio

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Roscoe Village is located within the town of Coshocton in Coshocton County. It's really close to OH-16.

Visiting Roscoe Village is like stepping back in time. There are many historic buildings lining Whitewoman Street, and a few historical tours. But the history isn't the only reason to visit Roscoe's also a great place to go ghosthunting!

One haunted building is the Old Warehouse Restaurant. The restaurant got it's name because it actually was a warehouse. People who visit the restaurant often claim to see a woman and small child. Also, many workers claim to see a ghostly police officer who still patrols the outside of the warehouse late at night.

The spirit of a woman who was murdered behind the Hardware store haunts that area. Not only is she seen weeping outside at the site of her murder, but people have also reported seeing her inside the store!

Another well-known haunted building is the Cheesery. The Cheesery used to be the town's sweet shop. People often claim to see children running around the shop, as well as hearing the children's laughter...even after the shop has closed for the night!

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