Rock Mill/Rock Mill Covered Bridge

Lancaster, Ohio

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Rock Mill and Rock Mill Covered Bridge are located on Rock Mill Road, just past the intersection with Rock Mill Road, outside Lancaster, Ohio.

First I'll give a little bit of information about the bridge: Rock Mill Covered Bridge was originally built in 1849, but was recbuilt in both 1880 and 1904. It's been repaired numerous times since then due to damage done by vehicles. Currently, March 2004, the bridge is being rebuilt by the Fairfield County Historical Parks. After the construction is completed, Rock Mill Bridge and the area surrounding it will be turned into a park. Rock Mill Bridge is only thirty-three feet long, making it Fairfield County's smallest covered bridge.

Now some history on Rock Mill, which was added to the National Register of Historical Places in 1990: The original gristmill was built by Joseph Loveland and Hezekiah Smith in 1799. They also built several buildings by the mill: a general store, a distillery, and the Blue Ball Tavern.

The four 4 1/2 story building with the red tin roof that is still standing today was built in 1824 by Christian Morehart. After his death in June 1859 several other men owned and operated the mill until 1931 when it closed. Although the mill is still standing, it is in terrible condition. It's oak siding and beams are rotting and collapsing. Honestly though, I'm surprised it's survived the elements for so long - considering not much has been done to the building since it closed, it's pretty amazing that it hasn't collapsed entirely! Even though the condition of the mill is so sad, it's a beautiful place to visit. The mill is built into a sandstone gorge along the Hocking River. The upper 2 1/2 stories rise above the gorge, and 2 stories are below the top of the gorge.

I found a couple photos that my grandparents took at Rock Mill on April 3, you can see, the mill wasn't in very good condition then either!

My grandma in front of Rock Mill Bridge

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