Roberts Road House

Hilliard, Ohio

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The Roberts Road House was located on Roberts Road in Hilliard, Ohio. It's west of I-270. However, the house pictured here is not really on Roberts Road, it's just the one that's now incorrectly known as the haunted Roberts Road house.

This farmhouse is now being restored. Legend has it that a long time ago a man killed his wife and children by chopping them up into little pieces with an axe. He then hung himself at the foot of the main staircase. Several people have e-mailed me about this house, and they have claimed to hear a man's voice saying "get out", "keep away", etc. There have also been sitings of a man's ghost on the property.

I'm honestly not sure if the story is true. The house I have pictured here really isn't the place where the mass murder took place...I guess the real house was an abandoned house down the road that burned down several years ago. Anyway, since I've heard about this house being haunted from countless people I decided to put it out here on the site anyway.

I received an e-mail from Ken, a website visitor, who shared his experience in the old, haunted Roberts Road house that burned down:

Hello, my name is Ken. In regards to your Roberts Road house, the one that burned - I have been in it, if it is the one I think you are talking about. I had heard it burned down. Anyway,around 1976 I came home on leave from Marine Corps and stayed with my friends who rented it for a few years. It was an old farm type house. I had sent a nice stereo to my friend from Okinawah, Japan where I Had been stationed. We had some nice parties, with state of art sound cranked in this old house. One night I awoke with strange feelings,like there were people dancing about...I could hear music even though it was quiet and everyone was asleep. I'm not the scared type but I covered up my head with blankets and finally fell asleep. It gave me chills. When I saw the story about it, it gave me chills. I have not realy thought much about it until I came upon you're website.

In March 2005 I received an e-mail from a friend of the family who owns this house. He shared some interesting information with me:

I would like to tell you a little about the house on Roberts Road. It is one of the oldest farm houses in Hillard, it was built by my friend's great uncle who has since died of cancer many years ago. In its time it housed a very happy family and was a beautiful house with a brick drive that came to a circle in front of the house with a wide staircase going up to the house. It was built in about 1834 and contrary to popular belief is not haunted at all but is merely a spooky old house and it is actually not on Roberts Road. The house on Roberts Road that was said to be haunted was partially burned down by vandals and was then used as practice for the fire department later on in the mid 1980's. My friend and her family has spent much money trying to restore this house but because of the web sites saying it is haunted it keeps being broken into. Sad fact that the Internet is not always a good thing.

I know I've mentioned this on other pages, but please remember that this house is on private property...that means you should try to get permission before visiting it. If you don't have permission, it's considered trespassing and you could face fines or jail time. Please be respectful of the family who owns the house.

In April 2005 I received the following e-mail from an anonymous website visitor:

I am in High School, doing an Urban Legend Project, where I had to either prove or disprove a legend, in our area. So I thought to myself "I wonder if there is any stories about the spooky old house by my house". So I got online and sure enough there was some info about the house. However I don't believe in ghosts so I saw no problem with going to the house (without vandalizing it) just to look around. Well there is a side door and I wondered if it was open so I go to put my hand on it and there was a very loud noise that came from inside the house. I pulled back my hand and looked at my girl friend, but again I don't believe in that stuff so I toughend up and touched the door and it went swinging open. It was pitch black inside the house, and very cold obviously. We took a look around and right before we left I heard (literaly in my ear, almost touching the inside of my ear) next to me, it felt like something was standing right next to me, almost touching me and it growled in my ear! So I turned my head of course and I saw this ripple in thin air. (as if you throw a rock in a lake). Then it just disappeared. I wish I knew what it was, every night since then I keep having nightmares about that house.

P.S. This is true, and it was on camera. And also to the real Homeowners - we didn't vandalize anything, it was just us two girls walking around. I promise.

I know it's already been said, but Melodie also sent me an e-mail about this house to post on the page:

I just wanted to let you know I am the wife of the owner's son. This house is not haunted. It never has been. We visit this home weekly to do yard upkeep and there have never been any paranormal activities. Those who choose to investigate on their own are trespassing, and if caught will be prosecuted. I just wanted to let you know that the stories are all just that....stories. They have no facts in them.

I received an e-mail from Connie regarding this house in December 2007:

My friend lives across the street from that house. You're right - it's not the real one. The real one was a little ways down the road. It was an old brick house right by Brown Elemetary. The story you have is right though. From what I heard, the husband was mentally unstable. Skizo or somthing. He thought people were after his family. But that's just what I heard.

I received an e-mail about the Roberts Road House from Doc in August 2008:

The house everyone keeps speaking about is gone; I used to rent and live in it back in 1982, and do have stories to tell about it. It was a very weird place during some weird ass times.

The house in the pic is not haunted, yet it is still there and owned. Do not tresspass, not worth the trouble doing UE on that property.

I received an e-mail from Jerry Baum and his wife, Denise Patterson Baum, in September 2008:

My wife used to clean this house back in 1986. She said it was really creepy, and that the old man who owned the place was very nice. I myself have been a Hilliard resident for 42 years and never heard that this house was haunted. I have heard there was an old brick farmhouse that was torn down just east of Walker Road on Roberts Road that was haunted. It was vacant for many years, as long as I can remember, but that's all I can tell you.

I received an e-mail about the Roberts Road House from Tom J. in September 2009:

I don't know the stories or the history behind that house on Roberts Road, but I do know what happened to me. I was bet 5 dollars to stay the night in that house. So I did. Nothing happened the first night but funny noises and a creepy feeling. Then I listened to the playback of the recorder I took, and heard some things that we didn't notice when we were there. No voices, or warnings, but noises of things crashing and what sounded like people falling down the stairs. So that caught my attention and I had to go back. Many videos and many times later we stopped going because we were getting too involved. Things didn't feel right anymore, and we were sharing visions of what could have been there. So, what we have now is a video of one night. This video clip has an apparition. This is the Roberts Road house that everyone means. It has too be. The video can be seen on the Central Ohio Paranormal Society's website under Hilliard apparition. I do not run this site, nor am I affiliated with it. I had a video, someone copied it, now its on that site. I have no credit for it. But I do have the original.

I received an e-mail about the Roberts Road House from Luke V. in November 2009:

My name is Luke. I live a mile or two from the Roberts Road House in Hilliard, Ohio. I have a personal experience with it's haunting. I always heard stories about the house while I was growing up. My older sister's friends would try to scare me with its ghost stories. Years after the burned out shell of the house was destroyed, I noticed I was growing increasingly uncomfortable in my own house. I would wake in the middle of the night to a mental image of a shaddow carrying a large tool. I wasn't able to identify what exactly the tool was, though I thought it could have been a machete or an axe. I could feel its presence. This would happen 2 or 3 times a week. One morning, the ghost showed me what it had done. He had gone insane, chased his family around, and murdered them brutally. In the vision, I saw a noose. I was confused, because I didn't know if he had killed himself, or been hung for his crimes.

If you have any stories about the real Roberts Road house that burned down, please feel free to e-mail me. But please don't visit this house just to get a's against the law to trespass, and it's not the haunted place anyway.

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