Riverside Cemetery

Columbus, Ohio

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Riverside Cemetery is located on the east side of Sunbury Road, about 1/3 mile north of Innis-McCutcheon Road, in Columbus, Ohio (Mifflin Township, Franklin County). The coordinates are 40° 2' 16.24" N, 82° 55' 37.26" W.

Riverside Cemetery was established in 1823, and it is still active. There is a monument at the entrance that marks the location of first settlement of the Patterson and Drake families. The oldest gravestones are located on the west side, and most are in very good condition. The cemetery is very well maintained.

One of the interesting things in this cemetery is a covered structure in the middle of the older section. On each side of the structure there are names of Mifflin Township veterans from various wars. In May 2011, David K. sent me some information about this structure:

After exploring your site I believe I can clarify something for you concerning Riverside Cemetery on Sunbury Road here in Columbus. On your site you mention the "covered structure" in the middle of the old section. It was more than that, you see back years ago, that was used as a band stand and a live band would play there every Memorial Day. I have a connection there for my Grandparents as well as my mother are buried there. In fact, my mother grew up only a few miles away from there on Morse Road, and the stories I know about that cemetery come from her. As for the last time a band played there, that I don't know. But I do know that it was still being used as such as late as the 1940's.

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