Ridgeway Cemetery

Ridgeway, Ohio

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Ridgeway Cemetery is located on the west side of Township Road 179, just south of OH-273, outside Ridgeway, Ohio (Hale Township, Hardin County). The coordinates are 40° 31' 28.84" N, 83° 33' 13.71" W.

Ridgeway Cemetery is small, but it is still active. The oldest gravestones are located on the south side, and most are in good condition. The township does an excellent job of maintaining the cemetery.

Ridgeway Cemetery is also supposedly haunted. The gravestone of Annabelle Davis is referred to as the "Witch's Pyramid." According the legend, Annabelle Davis was an alleged witch who lived in the area back in the 1800's. Today people claim to see her ghost roaming around the cemetery. Also, legend has it that her gravestone is always warm to the touch, even during cold weather.

Many thanks to Jim Fitzpatrick for sharing this legend with me!

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