Rolling Hills

East Bethany, New York


On May 5, 2007 a friend and I visited Rolling Hills, the former Genesee County Home, in East Bethany, New York. We were there for one of the organized ghost hunts.

I took way too many photos, so I have divided them into the following sections:

A brief history of the building:

Rolling Hills was opened in 1827 as a poor house. Many people lived there, including those who were elderly, insane, orphans, transients, and anyone else who was unable to support or care for themselves. The building was constructed on 200 acres, which included a farm. In the 1950's the building was used as a nursing home, and only cared for elderly patients. The nursing home was closed in 1974, and the building stood empty for almost 20 years.

Life at the County Home was difficult at times. The current owner has done a lot of research, and has discovered that many of the residents were mistreated. There are stories of children being sold into labor at a young age, electro-shock therapy for the insane, and plenty of rumors about nurses practicing witchcraft and devil worship.

Today many people claim to see the ghosts of the 1,000+ people who died at the facility. Some people see shadowy figures darting in and out of rooms, and some see apparitions looking out windows. Other paranormal phenonmenon include strange smells, glittering lights, loud sounds, and even objects being thrown.

You can visit the official Rolling Hills site by clicking here.

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