Reynolds Cemetery

Addison, Ohio

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Reynolds Cemetery is located on Addison Pike, outside of Addison, Ohio (Addison Township, Gallia County).

Reynolds Cemetery is a small cemetery that is still in use today. It is located across the street from a church. All of the older gravestones are located at the back of the cemetery. Even though it's small, it's an interesting cemetery to visit.

A big thank you to Billy H. for e-mailing me the correct name of this cemetery. I had trouble finding a name for it, and had it mistaken for the Rothgeb Cemetery...I really appreciate him taking the time to e-mail me the correct name!!

Also, a big thanks to my friend Mark for telling me about this cemetery and visiting it with me! This is another one that I may have never visited if he had not told me about it. I really do appreciate his help!

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