Rehobeth-Ridge Road Cemetery
(Warlock's Grave)

New Philadelphia, Ohio

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Rehobeth-Ridge Road Cemetery, which is better known as the Warlock's Grave, is located on the north side of Ridge Road, near the intersection with University Drive, in New Philadelphia, Ohio (Goshen Township, Tuscarawas County). The coordinates are 40° 28' 46.66" N, 81° 22' 45.8" W.

Rehobeth-Ridge Road Cemetery is very small, and it's no longer active. You could drive right by it and not even know it's there if you weren't looking for it. Most of the gravestones have been badly vandalized, only a few are still standing. However, the cemetery grounds are very well maintained.

Rehobeth-Ridge Road Cemetery is best known for the legend of the Warlock's Grave. Supposedly a warlock is buried within the large stone pillars towards the back of the cemetery. When the townspeople caught him, they cut off his head. There are a couple variatons of the story. One story claims that his head was buried by his feet, and that each year it moves further up his body. When it gets close enough to his hands, he'll be able to reach it and come back to life. Another version claims that his head is located within the large stone at the top of the grave. But like the other story, if the head and body are reunited, he'll come back from the dead and have his revenge on the town. Many people visit his grave and leave lit votive candles on it. When they return to the cemetery several days later, the candles are still burning. When Greg and I visited there was a large citronella candle on the grave, but it wasn't burning.

Many thanks to Greg Wells for taking me to this cemetery, and for sharing the legend of the Warlock's Grave with me!

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