Redstone Cemetery

Brownsville, Pennsylvania

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Redstone Cemetery is located approximately ¾ mile southeast of Brownsville, Pennsylvania. It is located on the south side of US 40, the National Road.

In 1860 a group of men purchased nine acres of land for Redstone cemetery for $1600. In 1877 the Redstone Cemetery Association was formed. The cemetery is still in use today.

Many Catholics and Greek Catholics are buried in this cemetery. Therefore there are lots of interesting cross shaped gravestones. The newer sections of the cemetery were mowed when we visited, but the older sections were not. A lot of the older gravestones have been badly vandalized.

Thanks to Rob, a website visitor, I discovered many of the epitaphs in this cemetery are Hungarian. Rob was able to translate one of them for me (it's the only photo with a legible epitaph), you can see it underneath the second photo labeled "Hungarian Epitaph" in the dropdown list above. I really appreciate him taking the time to send me the translation!

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