Red Lion Cemetery

Red Lion, Ohio

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Red Lion cemetery is located on State Route 123 in the small town of Red Lion, Ohio (Clearcreek Township, Warren County). Red Lion is only a few miles away from Lebanon, Ohio.

My friend Susan and I stopped at Red Lion cemetery on our way to a Beltaine festival in Middletown. We made an unexpected side trip to the haunted Golden Lamb restaurant in nearby Lebanon, Ohio. Red Lion cemetery has a lot of interesting, old gravestones. There are a lot of unique names too. For example, we noticed first names like Sabitha, Permelia, and my personal favorite, Jerusha. A lot of people may not think those are necessarily "pretty" names, but I really do like them because they're more exciting than a common name like "Beth" :)

A BIG THANKS to Susan for stopping at this cemetery so I could take some pictures for the site!!

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