Ravine Cemetery

Sylvania, Ohio

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Ravine Cemetery is located on Ravine Road, between Harroun Road and Main Street, in Sylvania, Ohio (Sylvania Township, Lucas County). The coordinates are 41° 42' 33.56" N, 83° 41' 51.24" W.

Ravine Cemetery was established in 1883, and it is still active. It got its name due to the large ravine that runs through the middle of the cemetery. The oldest section borders Saint Joseph's Catholic Cemetery. There are many old gravestones, and most are in terrific condition.

Ravine Cemetery is also supposedly haunted. A woman who had three deceased husbands died. Her parents had to bury her, but they weren't sure which husband to bury her next to. Today many people claim to see the woman's restless spirit wandering the cemetery, looking for her other husbands. Most reports claim that the woman has long, dark hair, and is wearing a white dress.

Many thanks to Andy Greenlese for taking me to this cemetery! I really appreciate all the help he has given me with locating cemeteries in Northwestern Ohio.

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