Fort Pulaski Cemetery

Savannah, Georgia

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The Fort Pulaski Cemetery is located off US-80 outside Savannah, Georgia (Chatham County).

The Fort Pulaski Cemetery is part of the Fort Pulaski National Monument. It sits in front of the fort, moat, and earthworks (close to the parking lot). Like the fort, it is very well maintained by the National Park Service.

The oldest grave at the cemetery belongs to Lieutenant Robert Rowan, who died in 1800. However, it is believed that his grave was moved here at a later date. The only other marked grave belongs to the infant son of Lieutenant Charles Sellmer. There are also thirty-seven unmarked graves, thirteen of which belong to members of the "Immortal 600." The other unmarked graves are those of Union and Confederate soldiers who died while fighting at the fort.

For more information about the cemetery, please visit this site: The Fort Pulaski Cemetery.

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